What is Sun-keep technology?

sample2Sun-keep technology improves water by applying a special electric field to water.


It is known the relation between the electric field and the living thing empirically but not studied in science. However, it is to draw attention in the medical field in recent years, and it is also seems to draw much attention in the future.


Among the electric field technologies, Sun-keep technology focuses on the relation with water in particular. (Since it will be covered a including the human body, etc.)




Application fields of Sun-keep technology

The fields that we have examined for demonstration and possibility within the past 20 years are as follows. (The patent is limited to food freshness preservation.)


-Freshness keeping of food:
Food lasts longer and less disposal. You can also reduce or eliminate preservatives.


-Raising the degree of ripening of food:
Used for aging purposes. It will be delicious. It has been demonstrated with beef and the like.


-Improvement of water:
Since water changes with the electric field, there is also a business possibility of water itself. This technology can added from outside, it can be used such as PET bottles.


-Improvement of oil:
Edible oil will degrade with heating and oxygen (air, moisture). Use this technology, it will be possible to prevent deterioration of cooking oil and last longer.


-Hydroponic cultivation:
In hydroponic cultivation using this technology, plant growth is good and efficiency can be improved.